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Reasons for Doing Handwriting to Text Conversion

copyAlthough handwriting is not as widely used as it once was before technology gave us the personal computer and smart phone it is still used fairly often. Some students prefer to take handwritten lecture notes and many people prefer to write first drafts of papers, manuscripts and other documents by hand as they feel they can “think” better. These handwritten notes and first drafts often have to be converted to text. Old documents that were hand written also may need to be converted to text.

When you need to convert text to handwriting is usually can be done to provide more legible copies or as part of a digitizing process so documents can be stored in computers and online. In some cases there may be hundreds of handwritten document pages to be typed. It is usually much better to use a professional typing service for jobs like this unless you are a very fast typist with plenty of spare time on your hands. We provide an online typing service that is a viable option when you have handwritten documents requiring conversion to text.

Our Handwriting Conversion to Text Service

handwriting to typed text conversionWe offer handwriting to text typing services for any type of document. Our service can provide type written versions of business meeting and lecture notes, scientific journals, manuscripts for movies and novels, medical and legal documents or any other handwritten documents. In addition to typing we also offer additional services that are sometimes necessary for converting handwriting to text for online storage or use in a computer. These additional services include Optical Character Recognition (OCR) and PDF to Word Conversions. If required we can also convert JPEG to Excel. Generally, the most effective conversion of handwriting to text for online use includes a combination of OCR and typing. You can discover the sample of converted text available on our website.

Best Team for Converting Handwriting to Text

We have assembled an outstanding team for converting handwriting to text. The typists we use are both fast and accurate. In addition, they are familiar with OCR technology and experienced with deciphering hard to read hand written text. Our typists are professionals and take a great deal of pride in providing high quality service that meets or exceeds our client’s expectations. Unlike many services that draw from a pool of freelancers that is constantly changing, we use the same typists and are familiar with their capabilities and quality of their work.

Advantages of Using Our Service for Converting Handwriting to Text

handwriting to text online websiteProviding high quality conversions of handwriting to text is the most obvious benefit of using our service. However, there are other reasons that make us the best choice for typing hand written documents including:

  • Guarantees of complete customer satisfaction and on time delivery for all work we provide
  • Inexpensive rates with no hidden costs
  • Customer confidentiality always assured
  • Live customer support always available 24/7

Get in touch with us anytime you need high quality handwriting to text conversion that is professional and with on time delivery!