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Special Offer

Our Typing Service

Our Typing Service Online

professional typing service onlineNeed to convert handwriting into text? We are an online typing service that is among the best in the industry. The professional typists we use are noted for their speed and accuracy. As they come from a wide variety of backgrounds and fields we are able to provide typing services using personnel familiar with field specific jargon and terminology. This helps to improve the accuracy of typewritten documents and improves the overall quality of our service.

All of our typists provided evidence of their skills before being accepted and they are reviewed on a regular basis to ensure they maintain the high quality level we require. We provide a full range of typing services so that when you ask “Who can type my paper?” you can be sure we have the capability regardless of the particular skill you require.

Turn Handwriting into Text and Other Typing Services We Offer

When you require any type of typing you need look no further than our online service as we have the capability and qualifications to provide any help you need.

Typing services we provide include:

  • Handwriting to text conversions: Our service for converting handwriting to text is fast as well as accurate. We are able to provide the required skills for every step of the process from digitizing handwritten text to a finished typewritten document. Aside from our human typists digitized handwritten document conversions such as PDF to Word and JPEG to Excel are included in the service. So, you exactly will be satisfied our convert text to handwriting online transcription.
  • Manuscript typing: Our manuscript typing service can almost be considered as a sub-category of handwriting to text converting. However, the focus is on producing typewritten manuscripts that meet the submission requirements of publishers and others that accept physical documents rather than online submissions.
  • Audio typing/transcription: We provide typewritten versions of audio and video recordings. This type of typing service requires exceptional listening skills as well as top notch typing ability
  • Data entry services: We provide data entry and data format conversion services. As with other typing related services accuracy and speed is extremely important.

turn handwriting into text onlineIn addition to those services discussed above, we offer letter typing, academic typing and resume typing. Essentially we type any type of document you require whether it’s an old paper to convert handwritten to text in order to use it online or a video recording transcription that will be used to help optimize a websites SEO.

Advantages of Using Our Online Typing Services

convert handwritten to text fast and with high qualityThere are many advantages of using our services for typing. High quality typewritten documents with near perfect accuracy are a great reason for choosing our service. Some of the additional benefits provided include:

  • Full customer satisfaction and on time delivery guarantees with all work we provide
  • Inexpensive rates with no hidden expenses or add-ons
  • Complete customer confidentiality always assured
  • Live customer support available 24/7

When you need an accurate typing service that is fast and inexpensive contact us and see why we are the best at what we do!