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Typing Tips That Will Help You Type to 100 WMP

In this article, you will know how our handwriting to text professionals apply typing tips, typing stats and typing facts but first let’s take a read on facts about handwriting:

typing tips

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Facts about Typing and Writing

  • Slow hand writers have poor mind motor spellings, word formation, letter creation and distinction between uppercase and lowercase letters.
  • Handwriting distinguishes to the conscious an subconscious traits of an individual.
  • Boys have higher writing problems than most girls.

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Funny facts about Handwriting That Really Happened

  • A patient suffered because of a physician’s handwriting, caused medication mistakes.
  • A plane once crashed due to bad handwriting. The pilot misunderstood the co-pilot’s scribbled notes.
  • The internal investigation of a 1965 NASA failed because the engineer misread instructions.

History of the Typing Machine

It was 1714 where the concept of the typewriter came up. The main creator of the machine was Christopher L. Sholes a newspaperman, poet and a part time-inventor. After its invention in the 1860’s, it immediately became the tool for all writing and the typing stats improved. In the 19th century, the typing machine cost $100, same as the price of computers today.

3 Typing Tips to Improve Speed

  • Find a keyboard you are comfortable with

Keyboards have different shapes and sizes. There will be specific models where you become comfortable in typing.

  • Familiarize the keyboard

When you memorize where all the letters are places in a keyboard, your mind creates a visual layout of the keyboard.

  • Arrange your finger properly

Ensuring your fingers are placed properly is the most important thing to improve typing speed.

Some Typing Facts

  • Typing is intoxicating for some people.
  • Typing is an art that can be developed.
  • Typing with efficiency can take you to places in your career life.
  • Shole’s invention was designed to type only numbers, Gildden suggested to type letters.
  • The word PERU can be found in one row on the keyboard.
  • Typing using the nose for 46.30 second was a Record for typing a given 103 character text.

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