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FAQs on How to Convert Handwriting to Text

What’s the process for how to convert handwriting to text for online use?
To convert handwriting to text online so they can be stored and managed online the original text must first be digitized. This can be done by scanning the document or even photographing it using a digital camera. A digitized version can then be downloaded to a computer. However, it is not yet in a form that can be easily worked with and still must go through another conversion step. Depending on the method used to digitize the handwritten text the final document conversion could be from PDF to Word. If a digital camera was used a JPEG to Excel conversion might be needed. The conversion to typed text can be made using OCR technology but it most likely won’t be completely accurate. A professional typist experienced in conversions can produce a much more accurate version. For an effective combination of accuracy and speed, a professional typist with OCR experience is best.
What is the fastest method to convert handwriting into text?
The fastest method of handwriting to text conversions will depend on what degree of accuracy you expect to achieve. Scanning handwritten text using Optical Character Research technology is the fastest method if accuracy is not an issue. Of course, accuracy is always important or you wouldn’t be converting the handwritten text in the first place. When you want to convert text to handwriting online, depending on the text the fastest method would probably be a professional typist using a combination of typing and OCR technology.
How long does the conversion process take from order submission to delivery of the converted document?
The length of time for converting handwritten documents to text will depend on the particular job. An average conversion is about five days. However, conversions can be expedited for a small additional fee and could be completed in less than 24 hours.
What are the qualifications of the people doing the conversions from handwriting to typed text?
When converting handwritten documents to text our online typing service uses professional typists with extensive experience doing conversions. The typist will also be experienced in the use of OCR technology and have a background related to the document topic whenever possible. Experience in the subject area is extremely useful in fields such as medicine and law that have many terms specific to the field.
What file formats do your service support
Basically we support all file formats. It may be worth checking with our customer support if you have an unusual format but we have never encountered a format we couldn’t support as of yet.
What if I’m not satisfied with the converted document I receive?
If there is some part of the converted document that you aren’t satisfied with, you can request a revision at no additional charge. We will continue to work with you until the converted document meets with your full satisfaction.
What happens if your service fails to meet guarantees?
Our guarantee policy is very simple. We guarantee complete customer satisfaction and on-time delivery for all handwriting to text conversions. If we are unable to satisfy your requirements or fail to deliver the converted document on time, you may request a full refund.

If you have further inquired about how to convert handwriting to text using our service, you can contact our customer support 24/7 and they will be happy to answer any additional questions!